AAP Newsletter - December

By Lauren Keninitz
For Parents
December 04, 2020

Dear Graham Road Families,

Happy December! As we head into the winter season families are often looking for indoor activities to challenge and support student learning. One thing that can be fun is creating Mind Maps!

A Mind Map is a researched based strategy using colors, symbols, images, and words, that all relate to a specific topic. The topic is written in the middle and branches flow out of the center. Each branch shows a different connection to the main topic. For example, in the mind map about school, students might have a “recess” branch, a “learning” branch, and a “rules” branch. Students then add pictures, words, and symbols to each branch that show details about that branch. See some examples of Mind Maps created by students below!

You can make a mind map about anything! Many students find it easy to start with themselves as the main topic first, and then add branches based on hobbies, activities, school, family, etc. Older students can use this technique to review and practice for tests/assessments, or to organize their thinking about a unit they’ve just finished. Often students enjoy making mind maps on specific science and social studies content. Mind maps about reading and math can also help children gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, perspectives, and relationships between ideas. Encouraging students to use symbols and images can really stretch their ability and thinking!

Lauren Keninitz |Advanced Academics Resource Teacher | Lmkeninitz@fcps.edu

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