AAP Newsletter - October

By Lauren Keninitz
For Parents
October 23, 2020

Dear Graham Road Families,

Happy October! We were so thankful that many of you were able to join us for the AAP Parent Information, and Level IV Screening Information nights. If you were unable to attend the meetings, you may watch the videos of each session using the links under Important Information.

The Level IV Screening Information Night includes updates regarding screening from the AAP Office during this time of Distance Learning. Some changes and updates have been made to better safeguard and support both families and staff as we look to screen our 2nd – 6th grade students for Level IV services. Level IV services is screen at the county level and looks to identify students who need additional extension and enrichment in all core subject areas (math, reading, science, social studies). Not all students need this level of service, and more information regarding AAP Levels below.  

While all students receive access to Critical and Creative Thinking strategies there are some supports from home that you may enjoy trying. Try some ideas in this newsletter to help your student practice and build confidence with this strategy!

Lauren Keninitz |Advanced Academics Resource Teacher | Lmkeninitz@fcps.edu

Important Information

October : AAP Services Overview Parent Information Night- Video Link

October : AAP Level IV Screening Information Night (2nd-6th Grade)- Video Link

December 1: Level IV AAP Parent Referrals Due to @email

**Referral Checklist can be found on the Advanced Academics section of the Graham Road website.**

March: Central Selection Committee Meets

April: Level IV Eligibility decisions will be mailed to homes from the AAP Office.

AAP Levels for FCPS Students

Critical and Creative Thinking Lessons, Grades K-6 (Level I)

Level I services are provided to all students in Kindergarten through Grade 6. Level I services includes teaching students to use critical and creative thinking skills to process content. It also includes periodic opportunities to use advanced academic curriculum throughout the year.

Differentiated Lessons in Areas of Academic Strength, Grades K-6 (Level II)

Level II services are available for students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 for students with strength in a specific subject area. The AART collaborates with classroom teachers to provide additional challenges using materials from the AAP Curriculum Framework for Levels II-IV to extend and enrich in the subject area strength.

Part-Time Advanced Academic Programs, Grades 3-6 (Level III)

Level III services are available for students in Grades 3-6 who are eligible for part-time direct services from the AART. Students are identified by a screening committee at the local school. 

Full-Time Advanced Academic Programs, Grades 3-8 (Level IV)

Level IV services are available for students in Grades 3-8 who are found eligible through a central selection process. Eligible students use curriculum from the AAP Curriculum Framework in the four academic subject areas on a full-time basis.

Critical and Creative Thinking Routine

Plus – Minus - Interesting

The PMI strategy encourages students to think about many possibilities, and to explore the positive and negative aspects of ideas or activities. PMI encourages students to develop the habit of looking beyond the polarity of “yes or no,” “wrong or right,” “my answer or your answer.” The goal of PMI is to develop independent thinkers who consider a range of ideas and/or possibilities and see beyond the obvious. The “interesting” category can also include questions. This strategy works well when discussing books, events, family trips, musical instruments or any other ideas that can be considered through the lens of pluses, minuses, and interesting aspects. For example, your child is trying to decide which musical instrument to play. Together you make a chart of the plus, minus, and interesting aspects of each instrument that they are considering. Often the interesting column leads to insights that will help them make a decision.

Source: FCPS Critical and Creative Thinking Website

Listening Activity Using Podcasts!

Try listening to a kid friendly podcast together. It can be while doing traveling in the car, doing chores, or even making dinner in the evening.

Afterward, use the sentence stems below to think deeply about what you liked, what didn’t you like, and what was interesting!

Tumble Science Podcast: https://apple.co/3j0ri5I
Storytime: https://bedtime.fm/storytime
Brains On: https://apple.co/33ZxiaA
Peace Out: https://apple.co/3dypyj9


Questions to Support PMI:

  • What are the positives/good things/advantages?
  • What are the negatives/bad things/disadvantages?
  • What are interesting ideas about ____?
  • What is the value of ___?
  • What would most people not know about ____?

Students should be able to share Positive/Negative/Interesting information in equal amounts.