Staff Spotlight- Lisa David

By Lisa David
November 29, 2021
Fun Fact: Miss David drinks at least 3 cups of coffee before 8:00 am. She is a huge coffee addict.

This week's spotlight is on Lisa David! Lisa David is one of our 1st grade teachers and the website content creator!

We love having Lisa David with us at Graham Road ES! Let's learn more about Lisa...

Staff Member: Lisa David

Years at Graham Road ES: 3 years

Years in FCPS: 3 years

Why do you love working at Graham Road? I absolutely love my first grade team. I am so lucky to have had a steady team for the past 3 years! They have really made my experience so enjoyable. I also love the kids. We do everything possible to create a fun and educational environment, and they give tons of love in return!

Books your are currently reading: For fun, I am reading "The Mother-in-law". For graduate school, I am reading "Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice" and "Getting More Excited About Using Data".

Hobbies/Interests: I love working out at Orangetheory Fitness, drinking coffee, going to DC sporting events, spending lots of time with family and friends, all things beauty and shopping, and obsessing over dogs.