Staff Spotlight- Wanji Lee

By Lisa David
May 02, 2022
Fun Fact: Mr. Lee has two beautiful children! One boy and one girl!

This week's spotlight is on Wanji Lee! Mr. Lee is our amazing Art Specialist.

We love having Wanji Lee with us at Graham Road ES! Let's learn more about Wanji...

Staff Member: Wanji Lee

Years at Graham Road ES: 12 years

Years in FCPS: 12 years

Why do you love working at Graham Road? 

1. Why? Because we are Graham Road! I've worked at many other schools but Graham Road is special. We've been through a lot for many years. Our kids, families, and our community is in a unique position that require much love and they need to be surrounded by honest and authentic people. This place makes me want to become that person.

2. Staff, colleagues, and friends. Those who has come and gone and you all who are here now keeps me going. I get to work with awesome group of people.

3. I see myself in our kids. I was one of them. Title l is my background. I was that ESOL kid. These kids pull me in and they keep me loving this Graham Fam even more. Yes, it's incredibly challenging, but it's worth it.

Books your are currently reading: Raising Good Humans, Media Moms & Digital Dads, Pochenko, and whatever books my kids bring home from library.

Hobbies/Interests: Anything that gets me to drift into my own zone, typical INFJ stuff. Activities that provides me with solitude such as landscaping, discovering new music, reading, playing drums, designing trivial tings, DIY woodworking, collecting fonts, watching sports, definitely KPOP, photo editing, detailing cars, biking & rowing, formulating ramen recipes, exercising, watching foreign movies, vacuuming, youtube channels on society & culture, and recently I've been getting into paper-craft. And occasionally, I do art.